Every day you are shaping your reputation. And as a Christian, every day, you are sharing Christ’s reputation too. So what do our lives say about Christ as we do life as His disciples? Who or what is influencing your life? Who do you influence today? (photo by Katie Weinreis) Webster defines reputation: as a […]

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You choose

It wasn’t this bad in the beginning. Isn’t that what most of us say of our tiny sin. Our first decisions. Our first wonder. Our first choices. They are critical. Our first decisions. Our first wonder. Our first choices. They are critical. Romans 6:16 NLTĀ  Don’t you realize that whatever you choose to obey becomes […]

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Look Alike’s

The rancher and I purchased tickets to listen to an Elvis impersonator a while back. Printed on the tickets assured us he was one of the greatest impersonators. He spoke of the Elvis in the 1950s and sang like the Elvis of the 60s, as he danced like the Elvis of the 70s. It was […]

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It is day sixteen of war between Russia and Ukraine. “War can drive us all into the wilderness. Missiles drop, and we drop to our knees. We are a world wildly looking for a way out. We’re a hurting world, desperately fleeing – we see it all over our news screens.” (Ann Voskamp) What would […]

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This isn’t Fair

How many times have you said or thought, “This isn’t fair?” Often we say, “this isn’t fair,” based on what we think we deserve. Let’s define deserve; Do something or have or show qualities worthy of reward or punishment. Rightly receive something good or bad. Our group of ladies is studying a Bible study called […]

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Your Compass

I came across my oldest son’s compass. I still smile as I remember giving it to him, as he told me I needed it more than he did because he knew everything about this ranch. He was ten and probably correct. A compass works because Earth is a vast magnet. A magnet has two main […]

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Sunday Morning Coming Down

Last Friday night, the rancher and I went to the “Ring of Fire” performance. Which we thoroughly enjoyed. One of the musicians sang a catchy tune. “Sunday Morning Coming Down.” Days later, I still have this song in my head, so I look up the lyrics. (Photocopied from the internet) Chorus: “On the Sunday morning […]

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Ancient Words

The early morning breeze moves the shades in room 110 as the one who raised me struggles to breathe. The emotions spill from my eyes. How do we live this one life well because we all will face death? Can we find the answers in the Bible? The Bible is the inspired word of God […]

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Heart Condition

A few weeks back, Chuck Swindol did a radio series on this scripture; as I took notes, I couldn’t help but wonder if my heart was hard, shallow, or crowded, or do I have a healthy heart? Matthew 13:3-9 Then He told them many things in parables, saying: “Consider the sower who went out to […]

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Which Path

  Why do I strive so hard for the easy path? The one that has been cleared to travel fast. I don’t recall signing up for all this. Does anyone? Why do I complain and mumble? Am I looking too far down the road? Am I still in beginners’ class, grasping to understand contentment? Apostle […]

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