A year ago, an unknown virus entered America.

Covid 19 is on every headline throughout the world.

Air flights are banned too and from other countries. You can no longer leave your state.

Stocks are at an almost all-time low.

People cannot find toilet paper anywhere. Grocery shelves are bare.

Hospitals stop elective surgeries.

People are dying from the virus.

Amazon hires 100,000 people to keep up with online sales.

School sports are stopped, students are forced to learn from home.

Churches, businesses are all required to close.

Jobs are being lost. Anxiety rises.

The world was in a crisis.

Yet, families are home eating supper together for the first time in a long while.

Families are playing games.

We are learning how to do church on zoom.

People are seeking God; they are checking out church services online.

We all have memories from last year.

We all have memories from last year. Some we’ll hold dear, some tragic.

Our community knows all that was lost.

Despite the losses, our family gained two beautiful granddaughters and a lovely daughter-in-law.


What are your memories?

Did this past year change us in any way?

Have we grown closer to the Lord?

Is much of the USA still in a crisis?

Malachi’s introduction in the message states, ” Most of life is not lived in crisis-which is a good thing. Not many of us would be able to sustain a life of perpetual pain or loss, or challenge. But crisis has this to say for it: In a time of crisis, everything, absolutely everything, is important and significant. Life itself is on the line. No word is casual, no action marginal. And almost always, God and our relationship with God is on the front page.”

Why do we wait until a crisis, before God and our relationship is important?

“But during the humdrum times, when things are, as we say, “normal,” our interest in God is crowded to the margins of our lives, and we become preoccupied with ourselves. We manage our own personal affairs, disregarding what God has to say about them, going about our usual activities as if God were not involved in such dailiness.”

Can we let God into the dailiness of each day?

Until next time, Pam



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  1. Loved this, Pam. And so true, although of course it shouldn’t be. I appreciate the straight and to the point nature of this blog too. And the pics…couldn’t be any better.

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