A Good Recipe

These days are busy with harvest and the evening air whispers fall is approaching. The grain is being combined as the tomatoes change color. I sift through my canning recipes and discover this. A GOOD RECIPE FOR LIFE Ingredients: 1cup good thoughts 1cup kind deeds 2 cups sacrifice 2 cups forgiveness 2 cups well-beaten faults […]

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What is your favorite summer activity? Did anyone say weeding their garden? I very much like to weed. So I thought until the other day, 7 hours later, you could finally begin to see rows in our garden. As I pulled weeds, hoed the roots, sifted the dirt, I began to see healthy pea plants, […]

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Chuck Swindoll is broadcasting a series called Family Rules for “Little Children.” He states,” When looking for a hero to follow choose Jesus. Study his life… His ways …. then go there.” Here are a few simple rules for living. 1John 2:1-6 “My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you will […]

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The rancher and I drove to a town to run errands, the day our states began to reopen. I was excited, to say the least. All around us were the clear plastic dividers and table extensions, enabling the social distancing rule. I am aware this is for the protection of everyone and am grateful for […]

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He Already knows

What are you longing for? What do you need? Peace, contentment, forgiveness, Do we even recognize what we need?   I cried this morning as 1000 people in the USA died while I slept last night, due to the coronavirus. John 4:4-10 He had to go through Samaria on the way. Eventually, he came to […]

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Uncertain Times

I waited impatiently in the hospital lobby, watching old men, young mothers, sick babies, each seeking physical answers. Whether it’s a minor symptom or a terminal disease, we strain for answers. (Rightfully So) This cold and rainy morning, I couldn’t help wonder, “Do we go to these lengths to find the cure for our fractured […]

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These are exciting times for the rancher and me, as we countdown the days until our fifth grandchild is born. In seven months we gain a lovely daughter-in-law. Yes, our family of six has grown to a noisy number of almost fifteen, and we hope it continues. Growth in the physical sense adding to the […]

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Webster defines habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up to become automatic There is a popular method suggesting that a habit can be formed in twenty-one days. The rule is simple enough. Commit to a personal or professional goal for twenty-one days. After, three weeks, the […]

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I was getting ready for the Christmas program at our church the other Sunday. Such a busy but fun time of year. There are weeks of program practice, there are decorating the stage and recreating the nativity scene. As I was sifting through my American, walk-in- closet in hopes of finding the “right” outfit to […]

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The average adult makes 30,000 choices a day, with approximately 48 thoughts a minute. We can choose our attitude. We can choose our attitude. Will we be critical, prideful, impatient, blame someone else, and/or selfish? Or will we begin to intentionally catch the negative attitudes in our lives? Philippians 2:5 You must have the same […]

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