Hello there. My name is Pam.
I am the wife of a rancher who raises cattle along the Little Missouri River.
I am the mother of four beautiful grown and married children.
I am the grandmother of seven precious little people.

I teach Sunday school at Grace Church.
I watch grandkids a few days a week.
In many ways, I live a simple life in this complex world.
Yet, it seems far too often I am chasing time.

Pushing to get the urgent done while neglecting
the important task at hand.

Webster defines important as main,chief, principal.

I would be honored if you would come alongside me as I begin this new journey,

making God my main priority. So, I’d like to hear from you.

Email me; it will be well worth our soul.



3 comments on “about me”

  1. I did just that Pam. I poured a cup of coffee and started reading… and am blessed each time. ♥️ God has blessed you with a remarkable talent in writing and I’m so proud of you to be used as a vessel in reaching others with this gift. May the Lord continue to bless you in your service to him. Love you dear friend, Lori.

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