Year: 2020

What is Christmas

    What is Christmas? If there never was a Savior wrapped in a manger. What is Christmas without Christ? We remember how the story goes yet, we find ourselves caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas preparations. Have we lost the reason that we celebrate each year? The Birth Of Christ […]

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It is the eve prior to the day set aside for thanks. I am struggling and I still get turned around. Is my dwelling on the past or fretting over the future keeping me from the present? Is my anxiousness masked by anger? Do I discount this moment? Am I truly grateful, or have I […]

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Good News

Where do you get your information? Facebook, Twitter, CNN, FOX, Social media seems to be where a big percentage of young adults get their political news. Do you ever wonder if you are getting the facts? Is what you’re reading really truth? As believers in Jesus Christ, we have no excuse to stay misinformed. Not […]

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Our eyes

The rancher and I took the eye test. I concentrate on the light changes. My pupils absorb the light inside my eyeball, telling my brain what I see. The eye searches for bigger, brighter letters. From what I see becomes my perception of the world. I am aware my eyes have begun to fail. Matthew […]

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We had rehearsal for our younger son’s and his bride to be’s wedding They rehearsed their walk, their words, their songs, carefully prepared with great anticipation and excitement. Do we all live our lives rehearsing? Webster defines Rehearse: you practice work or piece for a later date; prepare for public performance. You practice work or […]

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Which Way

Elevate Kids writes children’s curriculum. Grace Church finished teaching the “Upside downtown Series.” Their opening has this cleaver yet accurate song. “What would you do if everything all around suddenly got flipped upside down?” If floors became ceilings and basements became roofs, would you be right side up or upside down too? You see, this […]

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A Good Recipe

These days are busy with harvest and the evening air whispers fall is approaching. The grain is being combined as the tomatoes change color. I sift through my canning recipes and discover this. A GOOD RECIPE FOR LIFE Ingredients: 1cup good thoughts 1cup kind deeds 2 cups sacrifice 2 cups forgiveness 2 cups well-beaten faults […]

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What is your favorite summer activity? Did anyone say weeding their garden? I very much like to weed. So I thought until the other day, 7 hours later, you could finally begin to see rows in our garden. As I pulled weeds, hoed the roots, sifted the dirt, I began to see healthy pea plants, […]

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Chuck Swindoll is broadcasting a series called Family Rules for “Little Children.” He states,” When looking for a hero to follow choose Jesus. Study his life… His ways …. then go there.” Here are a few simple rules for living. 1John 2:1-6 “My dear children, I am writing this to you so that you will […]

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The rancher and I drove to a town to run errands, the day our states began to reopen. I was excited, to say the least. All around us were the clear plastic dividers and table extensions, enabling the social distancing rule. I am aware this is for the protection of everyone and am grateful for […]

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